Should musicians date musicians?

They find emotional releases in writing melodies, they turn their personal lives into song lyrics, and they have to try to make relationships work despite groupie onslaughts and the airing out of their dirty laundry on stage. The things that make them attractive — they’re hyper-creative, completely dedicated to their craft and uber-talented — can also make them hard to be coupled with. But, if you know certain things going into a relationship with a musician, it can make you better prepared to weather the panties thrown on stage, the misery they’ll feel when only three people are in the crowd, and the hours on end they’ll need to themselves to hone their art. Here are 10 tips, brought to you by local artists, to help you acclimate to the harsh realities of dating a musician. Advice I would give in that situation is what I would tell anyone pursuing a relationship: Get honest with yourself about who you are. Accept wholly who they are. Romanticizing above that is only building expectations. And, expectations are only premeditated resentments.

10 Fabulous Facts About Dating A Musician

If you’ve been cursed with the “I-only-date-musicians” affliction, I sympathize. Whether you’re painfully tone deaf but love an Axl Rose or Lana Del Rey sound-a-like, are a hardcore record collector, or happen to play music yourself, you know all too well that dating a musician can be one wild ride. Ladies who date dude musicians have a particularly brutal list of stereotypes to combat, ranging from rent-payer to oblivious cheatee.

Women dating female musicians don’t have the same cliches to contend with, but many similarities remain.

Classical musicians dating non musicians – Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site.

Archives RSS. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Even as a girl , I wholeheartedly defend the no-girlfriends rule. That goes for boyfriends, too. Should I look interested? Should I look at them? Should I look away? Should I just write all affectedly in my goth diary?

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When I was a teenager, I use to fantasize about dating a musician. I love music and used to go to shows a lot, and musicians seemed like the best kind of artists and poets. Music is poetry, craftsmanship, technique, stage presence and so much more! Primarily he plays an upright bass in a jazz band that plays around town, and is an audio engineer for some of the shows coming through town. While I am supportive of him and his career, there is no denying how NOT frugal it is to be a musician.

As a musician, dating is not as glorious as the stereotype makes it seem. FALSE TRUTHS. To every non-musician reading this, you’re just an.

Pay attention to the next line. Here are some of the most common false truths about musicians when it comes to dating:. Sorry, but not sorry. This was fun, but really just a part of the show. Sadly, the groupies are trying to weasel their way into the VIP at Gansevoort to get a glimpse at Trey Songz, not come to your show at some hole in the wall joint.

I see beautiful women every single day of my life. During my subway commutes, in elevators, coffee shops, while ordering lunch, at music shows, etc. Is this what life has come to?

5 Amazing Music Dating Apps For Music Lovers (Boycotting Tinder!)

Well, that’s what happens when you date a musician. Anyone who’s ever dated a musician can relate Thinking about marrying a musician?

Funnily enough, these tips would help even the non-musicians of dating apps. Use Detailed Text And High Quality Images. As any Tinder user.

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7 Things Only People Who Date Musicians Understand

Into it, let me properly preface this with some important context before I even get. Look closely at the line that is next. Here are a few of the very most common false truths about performers with regards to dating, particularly for up-and-coming performers:. Also to every dude dreaming of being a rock celebrity simply for the chicks, we may have simply shattered your hopes and ambitions.

They are quite sensitive (more than non-musicians), when it comes to making their relationship work out, and seeing to the happiness of their partner. Furthermore.

In many ways, music channels the deepest emotions with its infinite subtlety and range that mankind experience on a daily basis. Having to work under these pressures, musicians, albeit being very interesting and passionate creatures, often become extremely isolated and troubled individuals. And maybe limelight, too uhmm, Kanye West, for example??

What happens when two ambitious, successful musicians decide to pursue a romantic relationship? Like any relationships between two people coming from different backgrounds and upbringings, there are certainly issues that are bound to come up. However, many relationships between two musicians exhibit certain common traits that are probably unique to the this type of relationship. First of all, out of the many different types of people out there why is it that artists are often drawn into other artists romantically?

The major portion of my days can be spent making reeds — a lot of these non-musicians find it difficult to understand why anybody would devote their lives carving a piece of wood which optimal function lasts very briefly! However, there is something to be said about getting know someone who does not need too many explanations to understand your occupation which generally also happens to be your biggest passion in an intimate capacity. This is no guarantee for a healthy or lasting relationship nor is it a predicament that musicians cannot have fruitful relationships with non-musicians.

After all, we are humans who share common traits. According to personal experiences as well as hours of listening and offering pep talks free of charge! It is almost too obvious to mention that relationships between musicians could be very productive and could promote artistic growth due to the fact that two individuals share a common passion.

Dating a Future Beethoven – Thoughts on Same-Profession Relationships

Most young girls would like to date members of music bands because dating a musician or singer is so cool and all her friends will envy her. Also, musicians often look very attractive and stylish, they are charming and charismatic, so it is pleasant to go out with them. And thirdly, it is believed musicians are romantic and will be singing or playing for the girl day and night, standing under her window. These are the reasons why many girls are browsing dating platforms, social networks, and look for the best webcam site reviewer in order to find guys who perform with music bands.

I will talk about the effect this will have on musicians – and the We all need to relax and kick back: dating and love is a good way of doing that. and the perverse, the penalties are either non-existent or not strict enough.

You will always, unreservedly and unashamedly come second. Just putting this out there. He’ll have more intense relationships with his bandmates than he’ll ever have with you. You’ll be dropped at a moment’s notice when his guitarist is ‘feeling meh’, or his bassist’s gerbil died…or he’s been offered a plus one to a gig where he HATES the band but there might be a schmoozable contact there.

If you complain about this, you’re massively selfish, FYI. You will be tired. You have a nine-to-five. Heck, if we didn’t need to be at work at nine, we’d also be tempted to sip rioja in the kitchen at 2am on a Tuesday night, chewing the cud over whether Jeff Buckley’s finest hour was prophetic in the wake of his unexpected demise.

Your desire to be in bed before 1am on a schoolnight will make you feel squarer than Spongebob and you can forget any notion that sex will happen within the confines of when “The Man” dictates you should have it. Commitment nope. Ok so consciously-uncoupling’s got Gwynnie written all over it but when quizzed about their split, Chris Martin essentially bemoaned his inability to extract enjoyment from what was otherwise a great relationship because of “this”.

The key here is that even Chris Martin who really ought to know better allowed this “burden” to take precedence over simply getting over himself.

Dating a Musician