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On average, Heavy Attacks deal less damage, and light attacks remain mostly the same, but there are some exceptions. The new damage values are closer to, but not identical, to Testing Grounds Week 2. We looked at community feedback and our own internal feedback and examined every attack in regard to its utility and properties and re-balanced their damage accordingly. This was done to ensure that fights last a bit longer, punishes are less damaging and players have more time to anticipate what their opponents do. We have also raised Zone Attack damage for the heroes that rely on them as their sole Guard Break punish. This is as intended.

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based on period and effectiveness, providing obvious improvements to matchmaking.

Das ultimative Action-Building-Spiel Fortnite ist seit dem Replaced the old arrow reticle with a more modern design. It should be easier to tell where you are aiming and where your crosshair actually is. Fixed an issue where the grenade toss animation ended prematurely when tossing the last grenade in a stack. Friendly Fire is now disabled. This is exploratory and subject to change.

Changes to the War Thunder research system in Patch 1.37

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The latest War Thunder patch has been deployed that adds new planes, new combat maps, Direct X 11 support and, most significantly, a new Progression.

So today is the day that has been much anticipated by the war thunder community for both good and bad reasons. New progression System: Research new planes and modifications instead of unlocking them as you level up. New Tier Loadout: Tiers have been reduced from 20, to only 5 tiers based on period and effectiveness, providing obvious improvements to matchmaking Flight and Damage Model Improvements: Vast improvements to most aircraft New Aircraft: Addition of many new aircraft Custom Battles: Now hosted on Gaijin servers and not on the players machine.

Support increased to 32 players. Yeah, taking me forever too. Meowers is on here making me jealous. Looks like I won’t be playing until tomorrow unless its done in like 30 mins from now.

War Thunder

Father Christmas arrives a week early for keen War Thunder ers, with Patch 1. Previously you had a rank for each country, each plane had a rank, and achieving a new rank in an air force unlocked all the planes of that rank. This system had several good points, but a few disadvantages; progression could be a bit uneven as a new rank might not unlock planes of your preferred type the US tree had a particularly bad Fighter Gap pre-v1.

Aircraft are now grouped into five Eras instead of twenty Ranks, broadly chronologically but with a few tweaks to reflect their performance.

Changes to the War Thunder research system in Patch These eras are also used for matchmaking, but with slightly fuzzy edges and.

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Matchmaking in 1.37

Take the fight to land, sea, and air. Gaijin Entertainment announced that they ended the Open Beta for War Thunder and the game has been officially released. The Way of the Samurai update adds over 30 ground vehicles bringing the game’s vehicle count to over to the Imperial Japanese Army.

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The Main factor is the Battle Rating of the plane you can see it on the plane characteristics which may be different for each of the game modes, so in this regard our match maker has become more precise. Because of the requirement for different tiers for different game modes, it would be impossible and it was impossible to make a robust custom balance for the individual sessions in different modes.

The replacement ranks are also a characteristic of the planes, but there are less of them and they count towards the research. The plane allocation under different ranks is not the battle efficiency tier that the match maker uses. The planes that the player already had are still there, along with any purchased modifications on the owned planes. The planes that were available for purchase in 1. Premium and Gift planes, as well as the planes from the packs count towards progress through the ranks.

Free experience has been converted to Research points which you can use to speed up the research of the new modifications and planes. For each nation, type of vehicle aircraft or tank for example and rank — it could be different. Usually it would be four planes. You can see all the information on the left side of the research tree, where you can see rank numbers. You can fly any plane of a nation to open any plane of the same nation. Also with enough free Research Points and Golden Eagles, a player has the ability to research the plane instantly by converting free Research Points for it.

Existing high level players will not be able to move straight to the top.

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Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. If you formulate your thread good enough to attact atention to game problems it gets removed very fast. If you point to this or that problem from the game you may see your thread vanish. It took me 3 new threads to point out that fixes from the last patch are missing in the newer version. And then they have the fanboy army.

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The latest War Thunder patch has been deployed that adds new planes, new combat maps, Direct X 11 support and, most significantly, a new Progression System. Under the new system, players will have the ability to choose which plane to unlock next as they progress through levels and what modifications they wish to research for it. Test-flights are much improved now: players can chose different missions, the skill level of AI-opponents, time of the day, weather effects and many other parameters.

And, with the upcoming addition of Ground Forces Expansion, every player will be researching tanks and other vehicles from the beginning, regardless of previous experience with War Thunder. It wouldn’t have been so bad if this is how it released and this was all we knew. I personally really like the freedom we had before that we would simply unlock a complete tier then pick and choose which plane we wanted or skipped the tier all together and grind up to the next one.

In fact this is one of the things I really hated about WoT. If I had unlocked a high tier in one line I had to regrind down another line if I want suddenly wanted to play that style at the higher tier. A huge point for me was I didn’t have to do that, I could play fighters and unlock the higher tier and then get a nice bomber and skip all the crap ones.

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