Extending In-Situ Dating to New Geochronometers: Pb-Pb, Sm-Nd, Re-Os, and LuHf

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Rhenium—osmium dating , method of determining the age of the important ore mineral molybdenite; the method is based upon the radioactive decay of rhenium to osmium The rhenium—osmium ratio in most minerals is too low to be of general use as a dating technique, but molybdenite molybdenum disulfide, MoS 2 has a very high ratio of rhenium to osmium; and workers have found that the osmium in molybdenite is practically pure radiogenic osmium Ores as old as 3,,, years and as young as 38,, years have been dated this way.

Rhenium—osmium dating. Info Print Cite.

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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. By: A. Two Re-Os dating reference material molybdenites were prepared. The samples proved to be homogeneous, based on the coefficient of variation of analytical results and an analysis of variance test. The sampling weight was 0. An isotope dilution method was used for the determination of Re and Os.

Sample decomposition and preconcentration of Re and Os prior to measurement were accomplished using a variety of methods: acid digestion, alkali fusion, ion exchange and solvent extraction. Negative thermal ionisation mass spectrometry and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry were used for the determination of Re and Os concentration and isotope ratios.

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Yang Wang 1 and Nianqiao Fang 1. Create citation alert. Buy this article in print. Journal RSS feed. Sign up for new issue notifications. During the partial melting of the mantle, due to the compatibility difference, Re tends to enter the melt and concentrate in the earth crust, while Os tends to remain in the residual phase, thereby enriching in the mantle.

Creaser, Jamie J. Wilkinson, Sarah A. Gleeson; Re-Os dating of pyrite confirms an early diagenetic onset and extended duration of mineralization in the Irish Zn-​Pb.

Conventional dating of molybdenite Re- Os provides one of few options for direct dating of sulfide mineralization. Unfortunately, in situ dating of molybdenite is considered unreliable due to intra-granular decoupling of Re- Os. In this study, we developed a new analytical protocol for studies of micron- to grain scale Re- Os systematics in molybdenite. Several reaction gases were evaluated, and production of OsCH 2 by reaction with CH 4 was found to produce strong separation of Os from Re.

However, in contrast to the e. A mathematical correction of this remaining interference is possible, and Re- Os mass-shifted can be measured accurately even for fairly extreme ratios. For laser ablation, standards were developed by pressing particulate pellets of conventionally dated molybdenite Moly Hill and Merlin , because there are no appropriate reference materials available. Two important implications of this result are that decoupling Re-Os is not universal, and that our new analytical protocol is useful both for dating and for studies of decoupling.

However, dating of molybdenite is hindered by several analytical complications and is only performed in highly specialized labs. The main problem is that the mass difference between Re and Os cannot be resolved by mass spectrometry, and chemical separation of these isotopes is comparatively difficult. Additionally, decoupling of Re and Os within molybdenite crystals has been reported, especially in older and coarser grains, which means that extra care has been urged in sample preparation Selby and Creaser ; Stein et al.

Effective separation is possible because the daughter isotope reacts with a reaction gas and is measured in the so-called mass-shift mode, while the parent isotope does not react and is measured on-mass. Post-ionization separation of Re and Os by reactions with CH 4 has been demonstrated in fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry Irikura et al.

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Goals This proposed work will extend laser ablation resonance ionization spectrometry LARIMS from the previously demonstrated rubidium-strontium Rb-Sr geochronology system to four other radiogenic systems, enabling in-situ, concordant age determinations to be made on extraterrestrial bodies in the solar system. Advantages include providing an independent test of concordance, while expanding the potential range of samples that can be successfully measured.

Testing for concordance is important because individual isotopic dating systems can be biased by a variety of factors.

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Re-os dating

Over the years, Chemostrat has expanded the services on offer to now include more advanced isotopic techniques that so far have been used only in academia. The information presented below briefly outlines how Chemostrat is utilising two of these techniques, i. Re and Os become concentrated in the organic, hydrogenous fraction of organic rich shales, thus the time when the shale was deposited can be dated. Furthermore, as Re and Os have been inherited from the source rocks, Os isotopes can be employed to correlate an oil with its source.

Despite this application mainly being associated with the economic extraction of minerals, it can be employed by the oil and gas industry to date the formation of disseminated sulphide minerals within basement rocks and so the basement itself. Moreover, when these minerals are found in fractures it can be used to provide a minimum date for when the fracture network was open.

Released Journal Article. Re-Os dating of pyrite confirms an early diagenetic onset and extended duration of mineralization in the Irish Zn-Pb orefield. Authors.

While whole-rock peridotite Re-Os isotopic signatures are the core of such investigations, the Re-Os dating of individual peridotite minerals—base metal sulfides BMS and platinum group minerals PGM —that are the main hosts for Re and Os in the mantle peridotites came into play two decades ago. This is, however, not a rule of thumb as clear evidence of crust-mantle age decoupling also exist. As such, they are the mantle equivalents of crustal zircons.

Abrajano, T. Sulfide petrology of the critical zone of the Acoje massif. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, , 64— Ackerman, L. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73, — Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, , — Alard, O.

Highly precise Re-Os dating for molybdenite using alkaline fusion and NTIMS

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J. HAROLD WILSON; THE DATING OF ROCHESTER’S “SCAEN”, The Review of English Studies, Volume os-XIII, Issue 52, 1 October , Pages –

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Re-Os dating of Mo-bearing black shale of the Laoyaling deposit, Tongling, Anhui Province, China

Old Style O. There were two calendar changes in Great Britain and its colonies, which may sometimes complicate matters: the first was to change the start of the year from Lady Day 25 March to 1 January; the second was to discard the Julian calendar in favour of the Gregorian calendar. Beginning in , the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian in Roman Catholic countries. This change was implemented subsequently in Protestant and Orthodox countries, usually at much later dates.

In England and Wales , Ireland , and the British colonies, the change to the start of the year and the changeover from the Julian calendar occurred in under the Calendar New Style Act In Scotland , the legal start of the year had already been moved to 1 January in , but Scotland otherwise continued to use the Julian calendar until

Morphologies Characteristics and Anomaly on Os Isotope Curve and the Comparison Dating Method for Polymetallic Crusts. Yang Wang1 and Nianqiao Fang1.

Laoyaling is a typical stratiform deposit in the Tongling district and the molybdenum orebody is hosted by black shale of the Dalong Formation of the Upper Permian system. The apparent Re-Os age is a few million years younger than the depositional age of the Late Permian. The young isochron age may be caused by the later hydrothermal disturbance or mass fractionation during ICP-MS measurement.

However, the obtained isochron age is close to the depositional age and far earlier than those of the Late Yanshanian intrusions. It suggests that the Mo ore of the Laoyaling deposit is sedimentary in origin and not related to the Late Yanshanian magmatism. Black shales of the Upper Permian are distributed widely in the Mid-Lower Yangtze region, our result is important for understanding the ore-forming processes in the region and broadens the exploration target.

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Chang, Y. Google Scholar. Huang, X. Gu, L. Huang, Z.

First in situ Re-Os dating of molybdenite by LA-ICP-MS/MS

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